Care Instructions

All 888gg9 items should be very tough (including the super fine ones, as long as you don't snag them!) However, you've got to take care when cleaning to avoid felting. Most important rule is to DRYFLAT

Each item will have the fiber content listed. It's important to take note when purchasing. Listed below are the care instructions for each.

I find that I can machine wash my pure cotton or cotton / synthetic blends on a delicate or gentle wash if I use a wash bag. It's safer to hand wash, so feel free to follow the instructions below.

mohair / 
wool / silk
You can wash these pieces with a special wool / cashmere / mohair / silk detergent. These are pretty easy to find and not especially expensive. Handwashing can be done with warm water in a bath or sink, or on a delicate setting in a machine. If you are using a machine, please use a wash bag to avoid snagging!  Avoid agitating the piece too much. Rinse and towel dab water from the piece, then dry flat.

If you notice a loose end appearing in your piece, it's very unlikely that it's falling apart! This is probably just one end of a knot that I tied. Tuck it back in :)